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Email Address

Personal inquiries to book groups or on-site appointments please address to Lydia Proschinger,


Stadtwirtweg 5,

78136 Schonach


Online Conferencing

All meetings online use Zoom. Please download the Zoom App. prior to our first scheduled meeting.

Step 1: Schedule your appointment via Calendly.
Step 2: Confirm the date, payment, and Zoom link by email.
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Send me your Request

Your quests, queries and quantum-quirks will be read by myself personally – just until my workload gets too intense and I will need a personal assistant. I’m ready to deep dive with you, when you are. We will be able to plan, plot, plunge-in and pluck apart what’s needed while all of it is being properly prioritized. So, please allow 48 hours for me to circle back to you. I am doing my utmost to respond with detail and be there for you, asap! We don’t believe in SPAM.