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Misfits – Of Unicorn Divers, Hiker Fish, and Pearl Hunters

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Confessions of a Unicorn

19 October 2012 Creature of legend or reality: Confessions of a Unicorn Do they exist, or are they merely myth? Discover the truth now from the Exclusive  Confessions of a Unicorn. “It’s true! We don’t exist. For many centuries there has been a lore about our dwelling in mystical forests. However, all this is not true. We live exclusively in a magical world of legend and myth. My elegant white horse mane, and the pointy, twisted horn that ornaments my face have been the object of tales in which they are told to be of unsurpassed gracefullness and of magical powers. And yet, I am merely a myth, a creature of legend and the stories that people tell are treasures of their fantasy. Be real, dear human, doesn’t this ever happen to you? Who can...

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