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Biography: Who am I?


Biography: Lydia Proschinger

Who am I? And what am I doing here?

I’m the SOUL-deep business mentor for the spiritually evolved business owner. I guide those who wish to achieve their Sacred Soul Purpose to creating abundance and high levels of energy.

I’m a human potential developer, BS (Belief Systems) Archeologist, and energy psychology practitioner, vibrant health coach, VIP confidante, published author, spiritual business owner, and captain of my single-mom-preneur-ship since 2008.

I’m on a quest of love-inspired health-evangelism, following my serendipitous path of enLIGHTenmentoring, empowering the highly stressed, deeply sensitive, creatively gifted and talented, to find their own light-switch underneath the thick layers of SOULdust to make them sparkle again.

With a knack for SocMedMarketing, a penchant for PR and creative writing, I’m a FUN-Duh!Mentalist, fluent in German, English, and French, speak fairly well Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

I live in an old farm house in the woods, crave silence and not many have seen me in real life. That is probably because I am the last unicorn:

“I exist not because you believed in me. I exist because I believed in myself.”

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