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What is ECLIPSE and why does it matter to you?
This program is about personal responsibility. To have someone check on you 24/7 as to whether you do what you say, WHO would want that? Nobody!


Would you benefit if YOU were the one checking on YOU and YOUR STUFF, implementing, radically honest, and effortlessly simple,

as that is vital and basic to all your future?


So here is why I developed this program:

Many highly spiritual people want to achieve high goals and get lost in the intricacies of life in general and intuivite somersaults.

The energies that we all experience are intense, the “upgrade” we get is vital, and we HAVE to do OUR PART in order to stay in the game.

The game of life is not about winning or losing, it is about experiencing it ever deeper than we have ever experienced before and still function and manifest the phyiscal and REAL world “stuff”, as I call it.

As we practice compassion with ourselves, and invest time in our dreams, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and it is NOT necessary to get LOST IN TRANSMUTATION.

Now that we allow ourselves to experience these “Higher Realms”, losing the grip is not a direct consequence.

If you ever wondered why you do not manifest as you wish to, it is not because you lost your magic touch.

It is because you have to allow gentle discipline, and radical honesty and self-love in order to stabilize that ability AND  follow through.

So, here is what E.C.L.I.P.S.E. stands for:

* Energy: Become aware of all negatives in the past or present, as well as fears about the future.

* Clearing:Clearing these negatives is a process that gradually goes deeper, layer for layer, in order to clear yourself entirely for the level of vibration you desire to BE, in order to be a vibrational match for your future

*Leadership: Develop and maintain leadership skills that you discover within you.

*Intensive: Intensify what you already do, and just take it up a notch. Whatever your journey, make it your No. 1 priority, develop a daily divine routine, a sacred space for you being in bliss and in synch with your highest purpose in order to aligning it with the universe, creating miracles and serendipities.

*Personal: Personalize this in order to encounter the raw, the shadows, the gremlins, the monsters and tackle the deeper issues that your soul is aching to get resolved for your own sake, and the sake of all humanity. These are the issues that you’d oridnarily shug off or brush under a carpet. Have the courage to get started moving from self-control to self-love and shift into the creative space of pure potentiality.

*Success: Define for yourself what success really is about, how you personally define it, how you live it, accept it or reject it, and how to embrace it as a natural part of your true being. Learning to overcome the fear of success or the fear of failure, etc.

*Empowerment: Shift into your full power, realizing how being ONEderful is not a cursee, nor a blessing, it just is being YOU in all your YOUness: YOUniversally YOUnique, and YOUng in heart and spirit !


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