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VIP Program Strategy Session Details

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I’m honored that you decided to schedule your VIP strategy session with me and wish to take this important step to the next level for you.

Don’t know what that next level is? No worries. We find out in our first two minutes of this 30-min. conversation.

So whether or not you decide to go ahead with the year-long E.C.L.I.P.S.E. VIP program, you already get to take that away with you and starting from that moment, keep sparkling!

This complementary 30 minutes call does a lot more, however.


This highly depends on you and on your willingness to fully show up.

Attention Evolved Business Owners: High-End Profits don’t take BS!

Making business work as a holistic practitioner has been a blessing and a curse for me. A blessing in that I was able to work through my shadows and ECLIPSE them to finally see the light. And whilst I was convinced, there was a fast-track to enlightenment, I had to find out the hard way (The Curse) that this world wants REAL CASH (imagine that!!) and does not trade smiles for produce (…unless you are a celebrity model which means you don’t eat and robes are given to you so you hardly have any expenses… and even then… but I digress!).

ECLIPSE stands for “Energy Clearing Leadership Intensive for Personal Success and Empowerment” and is designed for the evolved business owner who is fearless in making quick decisions, determined to take leadership in their market segment, and who makes it her/his mission to change MANY lives, and knows that it takes peering into the depth of that soul, peel off the layers that hold you down, get raw, real, and start making BIG profits.

I DARE everyone to take me up on this LIMITED TIME offer. This program is going to push you toward the boundaries of your comfort zone but with lots of love, gentle reminders and even more practical business acumen.

I am not working with everyone. I do not trade time for dimes.

I am also not shy to say this:

Lots of people will be ticked off by this “pitch”, and so mote it be. . .

Go on then, keep playing small, perpetuate negative beliefs, struggle, and crawl back under the rock you came from because I have been there and will not go there again unless you really want me to visit you!

Deep down inside you know that I am not able to help you if you are not willing to first help yourself, and yes it feels bad to be right when it comes to this!

Be reminded it is not “insert _________random excuse you may have” that holds you back.

It is the ROOTS of your BS (belief system) and the genetic DNA or fearsome memory, patterns that are holding you and perhaps your entire family stripped off life and this for ages. Is it old contracts? Is it more recent loss or failure? Whatever it is, look to what is more important: Your future!

The perception of who you are and what you can do now is what will determine this!
If you look to lack and limitation or to limitless possibility.


I DARE you to chop off these roots, and feel what it feels like to be FREE.

Yes, it takes a little digging and that is why this program is a year-long.
12 months to establish new ground, build up what needs building and keep transforming into the YOUnique YOU you always wanted to be!

To apply means:

You mean business,
you count time more importantly than money, and
you do not shy away from implementation.

VIP level means: your expectations need not overreach your investment, your ROI is not limited to what you bring on board but limitless as your ability to transmute, transcend, and transform while unleashing your SOUL’s power to ECLIPSE any and all energetic patterns that you are still running that keep you locked in a Status Quo.

If you believe in taking risks but want to be in control, know this: There is no such thing as risk…. AND there is no such thing as CONTROL.

Both are merely illusions that keep playing mind-games on you.

If you are ready to come out of that 3D illusion, you have to be willing and able to embrace reality: TRUST and move forward with CERTAINTY despite total uncertainty. Does this make sense?

If it does, that means you are still wanting to speak and reading this. You are one tough cookie, I give you that! Is it because you intend to make change happen now? If so, I add no further fluff, and know you do not go on saying “maybe” or “some time”?

I know you know how precious time is and I know you value your own transformation more than anything else!
Do this NOW:

Scroll down. Sign up for a 30 minute session, you can schedule it via the Vcita application on the side bar or by filling in the form below (that will give me more information on you prior to our conversaton).


There is no better time than NOW to move beyond that status quo and start being the best version of YOU in your YOUniverse. I’d LOVE to help you get to your next level as quickly as possible, get your return on investment, and more importantly: PROFITS!

So, will you fill in the form so I can get to know you a little better?
The following questions will help us identify where we need to get started and we will not waste time on the call.

If you just want to jump right in: Do it with the certainty that you will be transformed.

During our call you will get a chance to ask all questions you may have prior to making your commitment and that is provided we are “in sync” on how we will be spending our 12 months journey together.

I know there is so much to say, and so little space but please keep your answers short and mention anything you feel is necessary for me to know about you and your business.

I look forward to speaking with you!
Talk soon!

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Lydia Proschinger

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