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A Mystic’s Journey


Hello and welcome,

I believe introductions are in order. My name is Lydia Proschinger, I’m 53 now in October 2022 and I’m the owner of this site. My mission is to empower soul leaders and create the new world that we all are thirtsting for, one authentic expression of my soul at a time. This is not just another blog that adds to the world’s over-abundance of superficial cliché copy-paste content. I would never want to publish such “spam” or bombard you with Ads. I believe that T.I.M.E. stands for “Targeted Intent That Moves Energy” and with that knowledge, where your attention goes, your energy flows, I’m going to hold my promise to keep my contribution to a certain standard and to respect people’s time.

My Story

No worries, I could sing all octaves of the victim song, about how I was a single-mom in an unfulfilled job, depleted of energy, sick and tired. That time is long behind me. What I understood is that my path, as painful and unconventional it was, it had a purpose. Instead of the experiences I had that could have turned me bitter, I stayed sweet and picked up the pitchfork, cleared the muck from the stables of my inner barn, and checked the vitals on the horses I had running in my race. And man, did the maines of these horses need an urgent braiding. My health was going South, my old computer was just a little bit of a better typewriter, I didn’t knwo if I should sell my knitting on etsy, or create a brand new neutroceutical based on the latest fad adaptogen. I sat in my sweat hoodie, praying that I would hear a voice from the crucifix, or have an angel appear on a cloud to drop some crumbs of insight, which of course never happened. I had to clear my mind, regain my power, and upload on energy. I believed in my craft but I did not believe in myself enough to become the highest version of myself, the true or authentic self that my soul intended. I wanted to bring more creativity to the table, become more visible, and most definitely leave my own footprints in the sands, rather than not seeing any of time when I was carried across my dark night of the soul. What no church or guru can give you is the gift of inner vision, and the most intimate connection to self. This is what I received after engaging with my mystical journey, and allowing my own game to play much bigger than I would ever have imagined. Get the hell out of here, Willpower, and welcome SOULpower. That’S what mystical journeys are about

My Vision

I believe we live in times of great awakenings, where every moon blue becomes an event you daily create, visiting the genie on your bottle and rubbing that daily so that your bearded messenger can spring from the vessel asking you “What is it you desire, Master?” Whatever you answer now, you will not need a campaign on kickstarter, or crowdfund anything just yet. You won’t need to attend my church, I don’t have one. Nor will I ask you tofollow my copy-paste ideas. Key in working with me is knowing that you are a god and your mess can become your message, your perspiration and transformation are the fabric of the universe creating an heirloom in the part of the fabric of this You/Meverse you weave. My vision is that each soulleader gets to live their mission, with unconditional love as the force that powers each and every one of us. Your time to shine, my brother, sister, or non-binary individual. Time to become YOUniquely YOU and listen to your soul’s call.

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