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Individualized &

7-weeks 1to1


starting from $3000

Spiritual one-to-one business coaching for soul leaders, cosmic alignment and transformation on a world-scale SHIFT
to your highest version of Self.

3-day intensive


starting from $250/hour

Oxygenesis is about self-care, stress-reduction, and health optimisation. This tool will align you vibrationally, assisting your soul path calibration.

V.I.P. Program – For High Profile Personalities

V.I.P. Program

starting from $9999

Your custom requirements can be taken into consideration. Send your inquiry so we can come to an agreement prior to your booking on here.

Digital Access Coaching

starting from $222

This online program teaches you about key skills you need in running your own business. These are both, technical and spiritual and bring you into alignment with your next level up. This is a great place to start, prior to doing the work in a one-to-one setting, on your own time.

Mother Wound – Inner Child

starting from $333

The mother wound is often underestimated but will be found to be the cause of many troubles in relationships, personal and professional. Request your free PDF “Healing the mother wound” by sending me an email. Here we dive into your personal story. The future needs you to liberate yourself from all karmic imprints, based on Jung’s Archetypes.

“Your success is a step-by-step uncovering of your true Self. Your spiritual growth depends on your dedication to yourself, and to creating the highest, most authentic version of Yourself.”

Lydia Proschinger