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Power-up your Spiritual, Personal and Professional Life!

Step into your power. Align with your sacred soul purpose.

Welcome to my world of soul leaders and those who wish to be part of the be-LOVE-ution.
We have learned that in the past revolution is only temporary. This is about creating your reality from within. How? Well, we begin with the basics, and that is about learning how to undo the past, heal the emotional “stuff”, and get started with conscious creation tools.
Your imagination is limitless.

Soul-Leader Academy

Inner Circle

This is a program is for twinflames as part of their spiritual vision and mission, which involves a highly intuitive growth mindset and inner-work-oriented self-growth model, based on the psychology of C.G. Jung but has been inspired by energy medicine and neuro-science as well.

Currently there are 3 entry-level one-on-one programs. You will work with me directly over Zoom and prior to doing so, you will fill an application in which you state your “BUDGET” for working with me, your “VISION” as to what you want to manifest based on your dreams, goals, and plans, and your “MISSION” which will be what you are going to “birth” into this new paradigm. Great, if you already have one. If not, this is your “pool for co-creation”. So, jump right in, the water is FINE! Water stands for “emotion” and that’s energy in motion. What we create is your personal core soul frequency translated into the material.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue as to where to start. We will get you up and running in no time, and work on what you carry inside, whatever it may be, during your “Oxygenesis sessions. Please use the contact form and choose “OXYGENESIS” as the program that is most suitable and applicable for you.

OXYGENESIS 3 Soul Power Sessions

3 weeks GENESIS – Co-Creation Process: Direct digital access, 1 on 1 Energy Psychology Sessions

Session 1: O – Energetic Clearing
Session 2: X – Intention Setting for rapid change
Session 3: Y – Your personal strategy for inner peace, calm, and clarity

To work with me, you are eligible to join my “Inner Circle”. We stay in touch personally while you take inspired action on successively implementing your strategy as agreed in Session 3. Cost: starting at 555,- Euro

E.C.L.I.P.S.E. – 7 Week Program

You’re currently exploring alternative ways in which you want to show up in life. Your current situation is shifting radically and you wish ti regain focus on your purpose, develop a vision, and set out on your mission in alignment with your core values, and soul calling.

What will you receive?

7 Weekly Sessions – based on your custom requirements, direct digital access, 1-on-1 Energy Psychology Sessions -We establish your current situation first, and based upon requirements, we agree to a flow that structures a plan around your life situation that will accomodate for the eclipse of any limitation currently set to your create flow of develping your vision and mission.

Deep dive into consciousness, intuitive guidance, and leadership skills – cost: starting at 999 ,- Euro

VI.NE.ST. – Visual Neuronal Stimulation

This program is based in scientific findings of neuro sciences. It involves a high level of German language skills and is currently only available to German Speaking Clients, advanced proficiency. Cost: starting at 250 Euro + added ancilliaries

Frequently asked questions go to

Application Form – Digital Access Coaching

This is for those who are action takers. These 3 programs will get you to your next level of soul leadership. Choose one according to your current budget and time availabilities.

Join the “BE-LOVE-ution”!