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Sacred Soul Purpose

Developing Soul Leaders since 2008

Changing something in life gets perceived by the mind as a “threat”. This is one reason why many people get derailed. Life falls apart. People leave, often without even saying anything. The environment no longer “understands” the “YOU” – the authentic soul expression of who they are. Ask yourself “Who are YOU, really?”

Asking yourself why that is? It’s due to a vibrational mismatch based in new spiritual experiences which requires a completely new alignment. The old simply vibrates out of your field when you make the decision to follow your higher path.

Rather than not knowing how to handle this “unknown”, or how to “translate” it into services, we work together to consiously expand your awareness and consciousness.

Whenever you’re ready to step up your game, to learn about what YOU can do with this brand new experience of a version of you that you are still getting to know, better and better every day.

So, why it is important to have someone to work with? That is a great question. Obviously you will go into uncharted territory. You prepare yourself for that next level-up, and get ready for creating your business, based in your core-soul-frequency, aligned with your life’s purpose.

This entails answering what’s your vision and mission, what are your core values, and what is your destiny?

Soul Leadership

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Personal Development – Expanding Consciousness

A soul leader is a person who does not get sucked into the drama of the world. It is someone who finds the calm within when outside a storm is wreaking havok. In a world where everyone is part of a global community, each challenge or difficult moment in life can become a reason to throw the towel, OR make it a significant “catalyst” for growth. Events in our days have such power, and our own interpretation of what our part is in it is what will determine our next level of awareness of what we have come to be, do, and have at this time.

Expanding our consciousness is our own responsibility and it starts with the understanding of who we really are.

Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event. – C.G. Jung

Your personal and professional growth depend on, both skill-set and mindset.
If you are confronted with changes, formulating your personal path and spiritual growth requires clarity, inner calm, and a deeper journey connecting you with your
True Self. Jung alled this “Individuation”.

Granted, your Soul knows the path! You know why you are here and all you need to do is to remember your purpose. Getting clarity does not need to be difficult. Get ready, prepare your mission with clarity of vision. Make a quick and strong decision to formulate your mission statement. Know how to decide what’s right!


If you are a leader and need clarity, ECLIPSE is a 7-week one-on-one program in which you develop and formulate your purpose, and professional vision/mission.

V.I.P. Coaching

This specialized coaching program for the “Vulnerably Sensitive Person”, or V.I.P. Click on “More Details” where you receive access to practical self-empowerment.

D.A.C. Digital Access Coaching

In our digital world, it’s important to stay flexible and have access to resources around the clock. Click on “More Details for your D.A.C.

What to expect?

The Mystic’s Journey

E.C.L.I.P.S.E. stands for “Energy Clearing Leadership Intensive for Personal and Professional Empowerment” – and this is for all solo-spiritual-SOULo-preneurs who are having a spiritual experience, while implementing a new business idea.
Whatever you understand by the term “Awakening Process“, it can be highly confusing.

This often comes with deep insights that sends you into rabbitholes of self-contemplation, healing, integrating and dealing with spontaneous Kundalini experiences. So many call this phase the “EGO-Death“.

It’s the experience where all you want to do is go within. If you meditate, that’s easy. When you are NOT a meditator, you will find it hard to go within, allowing the deepest reconnecting with your truest version of Self, etc., while other mundane events still have to be considered. This often has lead to the loss of friendships or other relationship, job, significant other, etc. to accompany the trajectory into a new alignment), and the void – the creative soup boiling hot with what new job or self-employed adventure your purpose will entail, if traveling or relocating, etc.

While going through “A Dark Night” the main essence is your SOUL calling you forth to follow what had been dormant within you and the EGO comes up with tons of challenges.

Reality vs. Illusion.

To make sure you will manage this process, and pay attention to what is essential, you can always keep a diary or process in dance, Yoga, or other physical exercise. However, the mind will need a permanent rewiring and continual clearing of emotional charge, grounding and deep processing of past experiences.

Did you receive your SOUL’s call?

If you did and if that’s what you want to work on, we can cover a lot in 7 weeks working together. The grid is as outlined below. The individual content is customized based on what you bring with you- as is the pace – as speedy or as slowly as you are setting out your pace, we cover the ground that will fill “The container”, our program, as follows:

Who are you?

Your Soul has chosen a different path from the average person? Who you are today is no longer a match to how you perceive your story today? Let’s work on your specific mindset to empower you to your next level up.

1 week
The Vision

You’re feeling it, you have more inside yourself than you are currently able to access. What slumbers in you wants to be heard, seen, and recognized. This where we formulate your brain fog into a clear vision.

1 week
The Mission

Your soul has chosen a personal mission. You have no lear idea but want to be able to get ready. We clear the fog and access that part on you that knows exactly WHAT

1 week

You are ready to launch yourself? You just need to have a clear idea on “WHY?” you have chosen what you are doing?

1 week
The target

We zoom in to who your ideal audiences are for what you want to build and we find out where you can find them, as you get clear on all things “energy” – this is not your average Niches to Riches program – we go deeper than that.

1 Week

This is how we do it, and we do it in Style. Your “launch” of whatever you have developed will go live in two weeks time.

2 weeks
What will you be able to receive when you sign up to my

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